Enjoy wearing Yukata & Tea Ceremony Experience in Osaka

This course includes 3 interesting parts;

①Enjoy local food in Osaka, ②Yukata wearing lesson, and ③tea ceremony!


First a host introduce Osaka food,

walking the local shopping street.


Soon we arrive at a small condominium,

where a host teaches yukata wearing & tea ceremony.


Yukata is casual Japanese kimono.

In this class, not only try fitting but also you can learn how to wear by yourselves.


Yukata is easy to wear compared to Kimono,

we can wear over t-shirts or underwear casually.


At last, let’s enjoy Japanese tea ceremony wearing yukata!


Don’t worry about getting lost,

a host will welcome and see you off at Ju-so station of Hankyu line.


1、 Enjoy Local food in Osaka!


Ju-so station is just 5 minutes from Umeda Osaka. It has the local shopping street selling “Takoyaki “a popular Japanese savory snack, traditional dumplings in a sweet soy glaze..etc. Walking along the local street, you can see the Real Japanese Life in Osaka.

2、 Enjoy wearing Yukata! Let’s try!


What’s the difference between yukata and kimono?

What’s the material of yukata? Silk? Cotton?

Isn’t it tight to wear sash around the waist?

How to wear yukata by yourselves?

3、 Tea Ceremony wearing yukata.


Why we have many rules in the traditional tea ceremony?

What’s matcha (powdered green tea) for tea ceremony?

4、Photo time♪


Let’s take photos together wearing yukata in a tea room. 

Please enjoy talking with Japanese guests. We are looking forward to talking with you!

My students and I had two international interactions in 2017.

My students and I had two international interactions in 2017. In January we visited Yasaka shrine in Kyoto for "hatsumode" (the first visit to aShinto shrine or Buddhist temple during the new year's holiday) and we asked some questions in English to tourists from abroad. They were interested in our traditional costumes that we were wearing on that day and we were happy to share our kimono stories with them. It was a fun day and we would love to hold this type of international interaction more often. 





Would you like to wear a kimono and experience a Japanese tea ceremony?

Would you like to wear a kimono and experience a Japanese tea ceremony? 


The Japanese tea ceremony is called "Sado. There are many strict rules you have to follow while making Japanese green tea. However, my purpose is for you to experience the tea ceremony and enjoy making your own Japanese tea. I will make it simple so that you can understand the concept of the tea ceremony easily.


After an explanation on how to make the tea, you whisk maccha (green tea powder) with hot water, which is quite bitter. You're also served a traditional Japanese candy, which is pretty sweet and looks beautiful. This sweetness cancels out the bitterness of maccha and it's very enjoyable. There are so many beautiful tea tools and it will be interesting for you to learn about them too. 


着物を着て 茶道体験をしてみませんか?

茶道とは日本の伝統的な文化でパウダー状の抹茶を泡だてて お菓子と一緒に頂きます。


茶道に使うお道具や淹れ方をご説明した後にはぜひ 一度ご自分で点ててみて下さいね。

yukata cafe

In July we had an event called "yukata café."


Yukata is a casual summer kimono made of cotton. Compared with a formal traditional kimono, yukata is not complicated. You'll find it much easier to put yukata on because you only need one layer of yukata and obi (belt).


In this event, we invited our English teacher and everyone - including her - who attended this event wore yukata.  We had great fun with a balloon game, bingo and a vocabulary game at the cafe in Osaka. 


If you are interested in yukata, why don't you come along and have fun with us? 







Would you like to wear "furisode" and take a photo?

Would you like to wear "furisode" and take a photo? 


Furisode is a very traditional formal kimono with long sleeves that hang down to the ankles that only unmarried women can wear. This kimono is made of silk or crepe and worn on a special occasion such as a wedding ceremony or Coming of the Age (a national holiday in January). Are you married, but still want to try furisode? That's not a problem. We are happy to assist you. You can wear it in Himari-an and take as many photos of your gorgeous furisode as you want. 


*Photo shoots can't be done outside but inside the room only. 








Please fill out this form and send it to us.

Feel free to ask if you have any questions.

We are looking forward to meeting you

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